Other Programs

Recess Program
Human Rights Program
Geography Class
Spanish Labs
Accelerated (Honors Classes) Math, ELA, and Science for 7th and 8th grade students
"Future City" STEM Program for 8th grade accelerated Science and Math students
Algebra 1 DUAL ENROLLMENT Class for 8th grade
Middle School Electives: Robotics, Computer Coding, and Musical Theater

Parent Education Series: Monthly Presentations/Parents Discussions with Dr. J.Mallet: School Counselor

Topics include:

  • Bullying: Strategies for Parents and Student to Prevent becoming a Victim"
  • "Social Media: The Promises and Dangers of Technology"
  • "Internet and Gaming Addictions in Children: It's for Real"
  • "Is it ADHD or Something Else? Helping to Understand the Symptoms with Accurate Diagnosis"
  • Parenting Children for Success In School (Pre-K through 5th Grade)
  • Parenting Children for Success in School (Middle School)
  • Discipline and Behavioral Modification: What are we Teaching our Children?"
  • "Parenting Children Through Divorce: Healthier Approaches"
  • Other Topics